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Division of Information Communication Engineering
Welcome to the Division of Information Communication Engineering. We offer the interdisciplinary programs integrating the fields of cutting edge information technology and communication. And thus we bring up technology application specialists for the communication field as well as to foster communication experts for the information technology field. The Division is preparing students for developing expertise within the context of telecommunications and information networks. We offer the undergraduate programs with Network Communication study on Internet and Information Technology (IT) such as information interchange, transmitting, appliances, network formation, and usage. For more information, please e-mail to Division office.

Program Description
The Division of Information Communication Engineering encourages students to learn the programs like following: computer program, computer structure, operating system (OS), network design, protocol design, and super-highway information network. Prospective students should know the structure of computer and can apply for other studies. Communication, as one of course programs, focuses on the communication study on Internet, and the other programs stress on computer and information networks. For further details, please visit our course programs.

Lee, Youn-Hwan Solid State Physics
Jang, Ik-Hyeon Computer Networks
Nam, Yoon-Seok Data Communications
Kang, Bub-Joo Wireless Communications
Jang, Yu-Jin Security Management for Embedded System Networks
Ban, Sang-Woo Control & Signal Processing
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