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Welcome to the Department of Home Economics Education. Our Department offers a variety of programs in the field of Home Education and provides undergraduates with theories and practices in related fields. The department��s first objective is to cultivate a teacher in the secondary school and also experts to work at educational institutes in private sector. Our programs have the educational goals like following;

to a teacher to be equipped with expertise in Home Economics Education field
to a teacher with future-oriented thought
to foster a teacher to contribute to society development at local

We encourage undergraduates to acquire expert knowledge through course programs rationally and reasonably and to practice human education to lay weight on globalization and information-oriented society. And also we make best to give undergraduates the diverse learning opportunities. For more details, please e-mail to the Department office.

Program Description
The Department of Home Economics Education is divided into four areas: Clothing Life, Food & Nutrition, Home Economics, and Pedagogy. Besides these areas, we also deal with Home Management and Consumer Study. These programs assist undergraduates to have expertise in social activities after graduation. For more information, please visit course programs.

Park, Dong-yean Nutrition Studies
Baik, Kyung-im Child & Family Studies
Park, Myung-sook Home Economics & Home Management
Chung, Mi-sil Clothing Studies
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