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Department of Mathematics Education

Welcome to the Department Mathematics Education. Modern Mathematics works as a tool to understand natural or social phenomena and is used prevalently in field of engineering, humanities, and social science. The Department of Mathematics Education puts stress on fostering a teacher or expert who can analyze and organize the problems with basic and fundamental thought. Our educational goals are following;

to acquire basic and expert mathematics knowledge
to have ability to apply for secondary education with diverse experiences
to have the problem-solving skills logically and reasonably
to cultivate the attitudes and features as a secondary teacher

The Department of Mathematics Education serves a variety of programs for excellent mathematics teachers. We are equipped with comprehensive and in-depth level of knowledge in several areas of mathematics and encourage undergraduates to understand the latest methodologies of mathematics education and its approaches. For more information, please e-mail to the Department office.

Program Description
The Department Mathematics Education offers the basic mathematics as well as applied mathematics programs: computer programming, graph theory, and statistics. Also we provide undergraduates with a variety of curricula on the ground of that mathematics is a fundamental study and a provable study in many applied fields. For more details, please visit course programs.

Shin, Jong-moon Algebra
Jin, Dae-ho Geometry
Choi , June-sang Functional Analytics
Kim, Seong-a Geometric Function Theory
Choi, So-young Number Theory
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