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School Spirit

School Precepts

智慧 "Wisdom"
慈悲 "Compassion"
精進 "Endeavor"

Foundational Spirit
Dongguk University was founded according to the principles of Buddhist teachings to ensure the highest levels of educational achievement and personal integrity, to bring the nation, human society, and nature together by enlightening them with the companion spirits and wisdom and charity, and to realize an open academic community in which each individual can confidence and respect as their academic reward.

Educational Purpose
Dongguk University commits the whole academic community to a vision which promotes the globalization of Korean culture, including Buddhism, by improving the learning and teaching of academic theories and approaches in a free and enlightened academic environment.

Dongguk University is committed to ensuring that every student will be fully prepared for responsible citizenship and leadership, thereby preparing them for the building of an enlightened nation and human society.

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