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Welcome to the College of Buddhist Culture!
The College of Buddhist Culture is dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhism and cultivating a competent and complete character. We include majors of Buddhist Studies, Seon Studies, Buddhist Child Studies on Buddhism, and Korean Traditional Music. The Buddhist and Seon programs promote an ideal life and direction based on the universe, world, nature, and human being. The Buddhist Child Studies on Buddhism place emphasis on fostering an expert who will work at child education and welfare activities. The Korean Traditional Music sets its target as the completion of Korean Buddhist Music Studies and Traditional Art Culture. We are leaders in promoting Buddhist culture and studies for a better future.

Major of Seon Studies
Welcome to the Major of Seon Studies. Seon from the Sanskrit word Dhyana, is a study rooted in Buddhism, but is itself not a religion. Rather, it is a way of life. The aim of Seen studies is to realize complete freedom, which is the foundation and the birth-right of all beings. To live naturally and in complete harmony with ourselves is at the heart of Seon practice. Seon meditation is a good way to begin this study. Seon also provides a chance of meeting to communicate with each other in a society of busy life. Therefore, our educational aims pursue to cultivate a leader with intellect, virtue, and sensitivity based on ideas, history, and culture toward Seon.

Program Description
Seon, as a core of Buddhism, is an effective, essential method to attain enlightenment. From a long time, it has provided an essence of human culture and universal truth. To achieve enlightenment, training in the Seon path is usually undertaken by Seon exercise, treatment, literature, arts, and meditation, etc. We offer a wide variety of programs to practice Seon. For further details, please visit course programs.


Jung, Moo-Whan. Seon Studies
Jung, Jun-Ki Buddhist Seon Thouight
Lee, Young Ho Korean Seon Thought
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