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Welcome to the College of Buddhist Culture!
The College of Buddhist Culture is dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhism and cultivating a competent and complete character. We include majors of Buddhist Studies, Seon Studies, Buddhist-oriented Child Studies, and Traditional Korean Buddhist Music and Dance Studies as well as Korean Traditional Music and Dance Studies. The Buddhist and Seon studies programs promote an ideal life and direction for humanity. The Buddhist-oriented Child Studies places emphasis on fostering an expert who will work at child education and welfare activities with a Buddhist orientation. We are leaders in Korea in promoting Buddhist culture and Buddhist studies for a better future.

Major of Buddhist Child Studies on Buddhism
Welcome to the major of Buddhist-oriented Child Studies. Our major was inaugurated in 1987 with a Buddhist orientation and is now contributing to educating students in traditional and modern Korean culture. Our major also focuses on understanding childhood development within the context of the family function in a multicultural environment. The coursework is designed to help students understand child growth and development from a physical, socio-emotional and cognitive perspective. Students are trained to think critically about child development processes and apply their training to real life situations through a wide variety of fieldwork opportunities.

Program Description
The major of Buddhist-oriented Child Studies offers infant and child development theories, methodology, and child education programs. These programs prepare students to work in a variety of professional settings as educators, child life specialists, counselors, and advocates. Our major lays the groundwork for advanced study in such fields as Early Childhood Education, Welfare Theory, and developing Buddhist childhood education programs. For more information, please visit our course programs.

Hwang Ok-Ja Buddhist-oriented Parent Education
Lee Su-kyung Early Early Childhood Education Curriculum Course
Michael S.Drummond Buddhist-oriented Multicultural Education
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