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Open Major

Paramita College
The goal of Paramita College is to cultivate talents who are able to cope with rapidly changing modern society, solve problems creatively, and lead in our global society with humanity, intelligence, and emotion. The college develops and manages various regular curriculum and extra-curriculum to instruct in humanism and self-development based on Buddhist spirit. To develop creative problem-solving skills and leadership we open meditation classes, to improve thinking and expressing ability we open writing classes, and to combine various academic fields we develop multidisciplinary education courses. To cultivate global individuals we educate multi-culture and several foreign language classes including English. In addition, we run various programs like camps for prospective students, social service, keynote lectures of celebrities, and foundational subjects.

Objectives of Education
What is PARAMITA College? The college guides freshmen to adapt to college life and to lead successful college lives, and is in charge of foundational subjects and the Residential College (RC). * ��Chamsaram�� means a whole person who has the ability to combine theory and practice with wisdom and mercy. * Cultivating a system for cultivating ��Chamsaram�� * ��College Life and Self Development�� has been a required course for freshmen since 2014. Students live in a specially designed RC building and participate in special after class activities to raise Chamsaram awareness.

Educational Contents
* Selection of RC Target of Education: Among all of our 2014 freshmen, 560 students were selected * Application: After taking a letter of acceptance students are able to apply for the program on-line.

Open Major
To meet the demands of the times, Dongguk has a department of undecided majors. Expanded reproduction, globalization, and interdisciplinary characterize the 21st century. Students in this department will have a chance to probe various academic fields and find out the best fit for their aptitude and talents during their first year in Dongguk. They will participate in career exploration, consulting with an advisor, consulting with professors from other departments to choose their majors, aptitude tests, mentoring programs, and briefing speeches from each major. Through this system, students will make best decide their major when they become sophomores.

Objectives of Education
The goal of the department is for students to experience various fields and to improve their studying ability. It is a well-designed system which helps students choose their majors by exploring various academic fields. When they become sophomores, they are able to select their majors (except majors from teacher��s college, art, music, and physical education). During their first year, they will take courses in humanities, sociology, and science to understand their interests and aptitude. By experiencing different academic fields, many more students apply for double majors when they graduate. This advanced educating system is developed by understanding the demands of industrial settings and considering students�� desire. Therefore students will exert their talents become social assets when they complete these courses.

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