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College of Korean Medicine

Department of pre-Korean Medicine
Department of Korean Medicine

Department of pre-Korean Medicine
Dongguk University is situated in a world where citizens live very closely due to the development of high-tech communication and globalization. To answer contemporary demands, the department teaches basic medicine and clinical medicine based on the logic of Oriental medicine and the spirit of community service which are related with Dongguk's foundational spirit. The department makes efforts to manage our system strictly and to foster a cutting-edge educational environment to nurture trained specialists and individuals who contribute to the development of human health. Since 1978, when Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus was established, the faculty has made an effort to produce excellent doctors, and the faculty will never stop its effort place challenge young dreamers. The brightly lit classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and professors' offices show the potential power and the challenge to lead the future. With two affiliated hospitals in Gyeongju and Bundang, Dongguk Hospital, Illsan University, we actively run clinical practices for medical students. Dongguk medical service team consists of students, graduates, and faculty members and contributes to the improvement of local health care. We need your support to be the center of world human health and the runway of national development.

Objectives of Education
The department teaches medical knowledge and theories of Oriental and traditional medicine, contributes the development of Oriental medicine by combining it with western medicine, and cultivates medical doctors. 1) Acquiring knowledge of basic Oriental medicine and neighboring studies 2) Managing and solving medical problems 3) Proficiency in clinical techniques 4) Developing abilities in analyzing and applying Oriental medicine research reports 5) Delivering the knowledge of oriental medicine to international medical fields.

Educational Contents
Currently, when western doctors meet the limits of western medicine, they turn their attention to Oriental medicine in clinical treatment and diagnosis. Oriental medicine is becoming important to treat incurable diseases because it diagnoses them holistically not partially. Evolved from traditional education and research, modern Oriental medicine produces results through experiments and clinical treatments. As a result, Oriental medicine has potential to treat incurable diseases which western medicine could not with its gene therapy. The department teaches herbal medicine and acupuncture which are treated differently according to patients' physical constitution, and develops various alternative therapies.

Career Path
1) Research Oriental medicine professors, professors of bio-science, researchers at government funding institutes, researchers and developers at new medicine developing pharmaceutical companies, graduate school students, research assistants at basic medicine laboratories Professors or researchers for alternative medicine 2) Clinical medicine Professors at hospitals in Dongguk University and general practitioners 3) Certificate Qualified to apply for the National Exam for oriental medicine doctors 4) Joining army Serving as army doctors or public health doctors after finishing training at hospitals.

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