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Graduate School

Graduate School of Education

Welcome to the Graduate School of Education of Dongguk University!

The GSEDU has been committed to facilitating and supporting student success by providing excellent advanced educational opportunities and services since 1979. On the basis of Article 108 of Educational Law and Buddhist Ideas, foundations of Dongguk University, we offer such diverse programs as educational theories and practice and encourage graduate students to find the programs that are right for them. We also establish night courses to give more opportunities to career students who wish to be a teacher.

The GSEDU focuses on the study areas like following: History Education, Korean Language Education, English Language Education, Education of Korean Language Written in Chinese Character, Mathematics Education, and Early Childhood Education. For further details, please e-mail to the Department office.


Master's Course (5 semester)


Address: Graduate School of Education of Dongguk University
123, Dongdae-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
780-714, Korea.

TEL: +82-54-770-2805
FAX: +82-54-770-2386

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