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Graduate School

Graduate School of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine

Introduction of Department

Welcome to the Graduate School of Medicine of Dongguk University!

The GSMDU has the national reputation in education and research. We are committed to providing the highest levels of programs in medical education as well as research endeavors. The educational goal of GSMDU is to foster a doctor to contribute to human society with right morals and personality based on Buddhist Ideas, foundations of Dongguk University.

to cultivate basic knowledge and attitudes, and skills to be a doctor
to perform leading roles in problem-solving of medical service
to be a true doctor to be equipped with comprehensive knowledge
to derive the participation of internal and external medical activities constantly and voluntarily
to foster the ability to keep professional quality as a doctor in social activities


The Graduate School of Medicine offers a variety of courses, and graduate students must complete 168 credits for 4 years, which are necessary for graduation. Not earning any credit in a subject or being less than scale 2.0 at GPA, they will stay back in the class. Graduate students make sure to complete all of pertinent courses since medical courses go on with system of grade school. Freshman and sophomore (Full-time student) take basic clinical theories, and junior and senior must complete clinical demonstration education. If they fail to pass the Comprehensive Examination for Graduation (CEG), they do not have opportunity to take the National Examination for Medical Practitioner (NEMP) and diploma.


Address: Graduate School of Medicine of Dongguk University
123, Dongdae-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
780-714, Korea.

TEL: +82-54-770-2827
FAX: +82-54-770-2447

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