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Graduate School of Management

Introduction of Department

Welcome to the Graduate School of Management of Dongguk University!

The GSMDU is committed to fostering an excellent professional manger with expert knowledge toward 21st.
We offer educational programs to lead needs of industrial world with internal and external faculties and try to establish academic-industrial cooperation system at all times. We focus on a primarily educational aim to cultivate to be equipped with the ability of problem-solving, management, efficient communication, teamwork & leadership skills, and the capacity to accept diverse cultures for global information society. For further details, feel free to e-mail or visit our webpage.


Master's Course: Business Management


Address: Graduate School of Management of Dongguk University
123, Dongdae-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
780-714, Korea.

TEL: +82-54-770-2357
FAX: +82-54-770-2310

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