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The Dongguk University Library at Gyeongju Campus was constructed in December 1982 on the total area of 11900 square meters in five stories. The Library is made up of the Academic Information Administration Team, which is responsible for collecting and arranging data, and has general reading room, overseas material room, reference room, periodicals room, and multimedia room as its facilities. Also, it operates the Library of Medicine and the Library of Oriental Medicine as its annexes.

Currently, the Library operates approximately 2,000 seats for study, and has 630 thousands books and 5,000 kinds of periodicals published at home and abroad. The Library is operated in open stacks system which enables the user to have a free access to the materials. All of the books in the library were arranged in digital database, and the borrowings and returns as well as material search are computerized, and the electronic library service is being provided through the Internet.

    • Information on Use of Library


    Location Mark



    General Books

    General Books Room (B1)

    Borrowing available

    Reference Books


    Reference Room (2F)

    Borrowing not available

    Gyeongju Academic Information Center on Shilla Dynasty


    Ancient Books



    TM(Master Degrees)

    TD(Doctoral Degree)



    Periodicals Room (2F)

    Borrowing Not Available

    Materials on Oriental Medicine


    Oriental Medicine Library (2F, Dept. of Oriental Medicine)

    Journals (borrowing not available)

    Materials on Medicine


    Medical Library (3F, Dept. of Medicine)

    Journals (borrowing not available)

    Multimedia Materials


    Multimedia Room (1F)

    Borrowing Not Available

    *Location mark refers to a place where materials are located. Marks for location is as follows: R for reference room, P for periodicals, L for Gyeongju Academic Information Center on Shilla Dynasty, D for ancient books, TM for thesis for master of arts, TD for thesis for doctoral degrees, KM for materials on oriental medicine, M for medical materials, and N for multimedia materials.

    B. Data search
    Users may search for necessary materials at the library website ( referring to book title, author, publisher and other information. Later, users may consult the call number of searched data and find the necessary material on site.

    C. Library service
    Users may enjoy the cutting-edge services provided by the library through its website (

    (1) Book search and application for new books
    Users may search for the materials of the library and applying for the purchase of new book is possible.
    (2) My Digital Library Service
    Logging in to the library website with a student ID number makes users manage their personal data (address, contact information, password, etc.), refer to the history of borrowing books, extend the borrowing period, and making reservation for borrowing possible. When a user registers his/her personal e-mail account or cellular phone number, the library will send the library notice and other information on services to the registered users via e-mail or short text messages to facilitate the use of the library.
    (3) Searching for research database
    The library offers helpful academic resources in a web database format. Use of EBSCO Host, Proquest Medical Library, Encyclopedia on Korean National Culture, Encyclopedia on Oriental Medicine, Annals of Joseon Dynasty and other useful research database are available.
    (4) e-Journal Service
    Referring to and reading original text of approximately 10,000 journals at home and abroad in the fields of management, economics, computer, humanities, social science, natural science and medicine are available via Internet.
    (5) Reserved book service
    The reserved book service is to read the books designated as the class material by the class professor, which can be borrowed overnight or during the weekend.
    (6) Integrated search service for electronic data and access from outside of the campus
    The library offers a fast and convenient integrated searching service regarding electronic data (e-journals and academic resources) and access to the data from outside of the campus is available. Accordingly, study or research without limit of time and space is possible.

    *Library Information by Floor


    Major Facilities



    General Collections Room (domestic books)
    Overseas Materials Room (foreign books)

    Contains approximately 400,000 books, mainly general collections


    Director's Office, Academic Information Administration Team

    Equipped with various types of multimedia materials. Used for watching satellite TV, using audio and VOD services and multimedia PCs, and utilizing multimedia devices (scanner, color printer, CD-Writer, etc.)

    e-Information Room, Multimedia Room, Data Search Room


    Periodicals Room

    University publications including journals from home and abroad,
    General culture and entertainment magazines, daily newspapers, etc.

    Contains reference books, thesis on degrees, materials and ancient books on Shilla Dynasty

    Not permitted to borrow outside of the library

    Copying Room
    Reference Room (thesis on degrees)
    Gyeongju Academic Info. Center on Shilla Dynasty


    e-Lecture Room

    Used for classes using audio-visual equipments and lent for other seminars

    Please contact Professorship Enhancement Center (T.2043) to use the e-Lecture room

    Reading Rooms 4 and 5


    Reading Rooms 1 and 2 for Exclusive Use of Laptops
    24-hour Open Reading Room

    2F, Oriental Medicine Building

    Oriental Medicine Library

    Journals on oriental medicine and general books

    3F. Medicine Building

    Medicine Library

    Journals on medicine and general books

    1. Notice for Users

    A. Opening and borrowing hours
    (1) General reading room

    1. Opening hours: 06.00 ~ 01.00 of the following day (seats are distributed through unmanned seat-designation system)
    2. Closure: New Year's Day, Lunar New Year, Chuseok holidays, and other festive days designated by the library director such as university events

    (2) Material rooms


    In Semester

    During Vacations

    Monday to Friday


    Monday to Friday


    General Collections Room





    Reference Books Room
    Periodicals Room
    Library of Medicine
    Library of Oriental Medicine
    Multimedia Room





    Information Search Room


    (Open on Sundays)


    (Open on Sundays)

    B. Borrowings and Return
    (1) Borrowing period and number of books

      1. Students may borrow as many as 7 books for 14 days for the books reserved in the general collections room.
      2. Materials reserved at the Periodicals Room and Reference Room, thesis on degree, ancient books, and materials of the Gyeongju Academic Center on Shilla Dynasty are not available for borrowings. At the same time, some multimedia materials cannot be borrowed, neither.

    (2) Return and extension

    1. Students must return the borrowed books within the borrowing period.
    2. Students may extend the borrowing period by applying it on the Internet or informing it to the staff at the borrowing desk, and the extension is permitted for only once. However, extension is not allowed for the books made reservation by other students/faculty or books which are not returned within the borrowing period.

    (3) Delay and loss of borrowed materials

    1. When the borrowed books are not returned until due date, borrowing to the corresponding student will be banned for the delayed period.
    2. When the borrowed material is lost, damaged or contaminated, the material shall be replaced with same material. When the student fails to replace the same material, he/she shall compensate the price of material following the evaluation of the library.

    (4) Return in advance and managing a long-term delay

    1. When there is a change in a student's status by taking leave of absence, being dismissed, etc., the student shall return the borrowed material regardless of the borrowing period and shall confirm the return.
    2. Students scheduled to graduate shall return the borrowed materials at least 15 days in advance from their graduation date.
    3. The school will not issue various types of certificates to those who took leave of absence, dismissed or graduated.

    *Data search and its use: Materials at the library can be searched by using the 'data search' menu at the university library website. Furthermore, using e-journals and web database is also available through the library website.

    C. How to use
    Students must present their students ID cards when they use the library materials and facilities. Borrowing materials with under other student's ID is prohibited. When the ID is lost, the student shall report his/her loss to the issuance department (Student Welfare Office) and the library to prevent a possible pilferage.

    D. Using other university library
    When the university library does not have a material that a student wants to use, the student may use other university library after receiving the consultation form to enter other university library, and even may request copying of the corresponding material (mutual lending with other library).

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