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Since its establishment on April 10, 1983, the University Museum has been making efforts to development of the university and local community by collecting and preserving the cultural heritage of ancestors as well as the Korean Buddhist culture, and by providing with materials for research.
Given that most of the cultural assets in Korea are closely linked to the Buddhism, and Gyeongju is regarded as a holy place of the Korean Buddhism as well as the cradle of Buddhist culture in Korea, the university is making lots of efforts to collect the Buddhist cultural assets and conduct researches on Buddhism based on the orthodox as a Buddhist university in the region.
The main activities of the museum are as follows:

      1. Conduct researches on cultural assets by investigating the traces of Buddhism in Gyeongju
      2. Form new leaders capable of coping with the cultural demand in the 21st century by organizing special and permanent exhibitions, audiovisual education and special lectures.

In the future, the museum shall further engage in researches on culture and history in the future.

A. Use of Museum

The museum opens exhibition rooms for students and local citizens, and provides academic resources such as photographing and imitating the relics, when it deems necessary.

*Opening hours

      1. Monday to Friday (09:00 to 17:00), except holidays
      2. 12:00 to 13:00, not available

*Photographing and imitating the exhibited relics are available only under the permission from the director.
*Location: 1F, Library.
*TEL: +82-54-770-2462

B. Field Research
Students may partake in investigations on relics and ruins organized by the university museum. It can be used as an opportunity to experience as an expert and enhance the student's intellectuality. Every student can join this research activity under the permission from the museum director.

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