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ID Card

A. Function of Student ID card
An ID card is used to enter the library, and borrow and return books.

B. Issuance of Student ID card for New Enrollees

  1. A student shall fill in the application form to issue a student ID card and submit it to the Student Affairs & Services Team or office of corresponding college. The ID card manufacturer makes the applied cards in turnkey way.
  2. There is no issuance fee for a new student ID card. (However, the application form shall be submitted within the designated period)

C. Reissuance due to loss and other reasons

  1. Procedures: Student ID card is issued and distributed by the Student Affairs & Services Team in following procedures.
  2. Reissuance fee(approximately 2,000 Won.

Fill in the issuance application To be issued immediately after application (With revenue stamp attached)
By Student Affairs & Services Team.

* To buy the school revenue stamps, use a vending machine at the Student Affairs & Services Team.

D. Notes

  1. When it comes to changes in address or details in the certified copy of residence, the student must report such changes to the Administration Office of corresponding college.
  2. When you lose or find other's belonging in the campus, please go to a nearby gatehouse or the Student Service Team at the Students' Hall. (You may refer to the 'Community-Lost and Found' on the web page of the university)
  3. As the student ID card has various functions, please pay a close attention not to lose it.

* Responsible department: Student Affairs & Services Team (82-54-770-2048)

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