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Facilities (Healthcare Center, Gym, Cafeteria, Kiosk and other welfare facilities)

1. Healthcare Center (Tel. 770-2466 / located Students Hall)

The University Healthcare Center conducts the first sanitary treatment so that students can enjoy safe and healthy campus life by offering the information on health and making them control their wellness.
Its major activities include counseling on health, first aid, fundamental examinations to prevent brain and cardiovascular diseases, trauma care, physical examinations to enrollees and current students, and vaccination services regarding influenza and hepatitis B. The center also supports emergency situations of various student activities held inside and outside of the campus.

A. Diagnosis and treatment services
(1) Diagnosis and counseling on health, medication
(2) Trauma care and physiotherapy
(3) Various types of basic examinations (for free): blood pressure, urine test, hepatitis B test, cholesterol level test, anemia test, etc.
(4) Vaccinations (cost shall be burdened by the vaccinated students): vaccinations against influenza and hepatitis B
(5) Other services: borrowing books on health, lending and playing DVDs on health, operating a recovery room, sending an emergency patient to oriental or western medical hospital

B. Service hours
(1) During a semester: from 09.00 to 17.00 (service not available on holidays in the academic calendar, national holidays, and weekends)
(2) During a vacation: from 09.30 to 17.00

2. Munmugwan (Tel: 054-770-2530)

Munmugwan is used for physical activities of students, training of college sport teams, physical enhancement activities of staff and sports for all activities.
Its priority of use is given to the classes and practices the Department of Social Athletics, and it is open to sports activities of students and other civic groups on weekends (or holidays) under a prior request (This provision is applied on weekdays during a vacation). However, such request shall be accepted only to the activities where more than 30 persons of a department, college or students' council participate or where more than 20 students from a permitted students' group partake in. To use these facilities, an applicant shall submit the form of use and receive an approval from the school.

Information on Use (Mondays to Fridays)

A. Opening hour: 09.00 ~ 17.00
B. Use of equipments: gym, basketball, volleyball, and badminton
C. How to rent: a student shall submit his/her student ID card to the Office of Department of Social Activities or Administration Office.
D. Precautions: Smoking is prohibited in the all area of the Munmugwan, and the users shall wear sport shoes and gym suits.

3. Table of College Welfare Facilities




Cafeteria at Students Hall

Students Hall

Special and general meals

Shinhan Bank

Students Hall

Financial services

Manless post Office

Students Hall

Mail Acceptance

Snack bar at Students Hall

Students Hall


Students Hall Mart

Students Hall

Food and beverage

Book store

Students Hall


Beauty parlor

Students Hall


Computer Store

Students Hall

Selling PC and peripherals

Cosmetics Store

Students Hall

Cosmetics and cigarettes

Study at Abroad

Students Hall

Counseling on studying abroad


Students Hall

Taking and developing pictures

Stationery Shop

Students Hall


Opticians Store

Students Hall

Eye glasses

Shilla Bakery

1st Floor, Wonhyogwan

Confectionery, breads and snacks

Printing Shop

Basement, Wonhyogwan

Light printing materials

Cafeteria and Kiosk at Jinheunggwan

1st Floor, Jinheunggwan

Special meals , foods and beverage


Outdoor cafe next to Jinheunggwan

Teas, coffees and ice cream

Outdoor cafe next to library

Family Mart

1st Floor, Baeksanggwan

Food, beverage and conveniences

'Guam' Stationery Store

1st Floor, Baeksanggwan

Stationery, copying and other items for daily life

Daryewon, Kiosk

2nd Floor, Male Dormitory

Special meals, snacks, food and beverage

Laundering Room

1st Floor, Male Dormitory


Book Store on Oriental Medicine

2nd Floor, Oriental Medicine Building

Books on oriental medicine, copying service

Kiosk at College of Medicine

1st Floor, Medicine Building

Food, beverage and stationery


Manned Copier

1st Floor, Wonhyogwan / 2nd Floor, Library / 1st Floor, Jinheunggwan

Copying service

Unmanned Copier

1st Floor, Wonhyogwan / 1st Floor, Jinheunggwan / 1st Floor, Students' Hall / 1st Floor, Natural Science Building
Library of College of Medicine / Library (2nd Floor, Reference Room, Periodicals Room, Basement Study Room)
Dormitory (Male Building, Female Building, Banya Building)

Copying service


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