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Religious Life

As a Buddhist seminary to make right efforts, Jeonggakwon organizes various types of Buddhist ceremonies and religious events based on the Buddhist spirits of completing a self by practicing wisdom and mercy and constructing Buddhist's Ideal Society and Pure Land to make all university staff and students enhance their mental and physical competence and lead them to enjoy the life of Seon.

1. Major Activities and Events

  1. Celebration ceremony on Buddha's Birthday
  2. A large Buddhist lecture meeting of Dongguk Staff and Students
  3. Buddhist ceremony for an illustrious monks or celebrities & regular Buddhist ceremony for staff and students
  4. Regular Buddhist ceremony of faith groups of university or other faith groups
  5. Self meditation training at Buddha hall
  6. Guidance on faith for all Dongguk members
  7. Publication of preaching material (Jeonggak Seminary, Road to Buddhism, and Propagation Paper)
  8. Being a place for meditation for all staff and students


2. Students' Groups on Buddhism

    • Seokrim Group : As a group of student-monks, it publishes a preaching material titled 'Buddha's Forest' and visits hospital to encourage patients. Also, its members act as leading priests of students' groups on Buddhism and local temples.
    • Buddhist Union : As a union of all Buddhist groups on campus, it supports the activities of Buddhist groups' activities including preaching inside and outside of the university.
    • Buddhist Students' Council It is a group where Buddhist students practice Seon, and organizes regular Buddhist ceremony on every Thursday and probation sessions in winter and summer vacations. Also, the council holds it for children and adolescents at nearby temples.
    • Simwoo Group : The members are composed of students majoring in oriental medicine. Its major activities include weekly meeting for meditation, holding lectures on Buddhism, joint medical service with Maya Group of the Department of Child Studies on Buddhism, and Buddhism school for children.
    • Hanmaeum Group : As a group of Buddhist students at the College of Medicine, it organizes regular Buddhist ceremony at hospital Buddha hall, offers medical services, and holds probation sessions in winter and summer vacations.
    • Maeum Sori : This group holds sign language class twice a week, conduct exchange activities with deaf and dumb Buddhists, visits rehabilitation facilities, and offers sign language classes for juvenile Buddhist.
    • Geumbul Group : This group is composed of student monks at the Geumjang dormitory, which organizes weekly regular Buddhist ceremony and is responsible for propagation of student monks.
    • Sound of Wooden Gong : As a faith group consists of students at the College of Buddhist Studies and Culture, it conducts preaching activities through Buddhism study and preaching material publication.
    • Monk Student Reserve Officers' Training Corps : It consists of monk students partaking in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), which organizes regular Buddhist ceremony and conducts preaching activities.
    • Baby Buddha with a Brush : It is a group specialized in studying children's creative artistic activities.
    • Dongsim : Students join this group to learn rhythmical move which is shown to others through activities being waged at university and other places. This group organizes various performing activities: at the orientation for new enrollees to the College of Buddhist Studies and Culture, at Bulguk Temple in May, at the membership trainings at 1st and 2nd semester, and through its regular performance session in December.
    • Maya : Maya is a united students' group, and studies infantile education and Buddhism every Tuesday and Thursday. Furthermore, it organizes its regular meeting at Jeonggakwon every Monday, and conducts voluntary service for infantile education and Buddhism propagation on summer vacations.
    • Gareungbinga : This group is a choir that sings Buddhist hymns, animation theme songs, created children's songs, and other songs popular to children. Complying with current trend of conducting specialized education, this group conducts various activities related to infantile education, and holds hand bell performances. With its annual performance, this group is enhancing its competence.
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