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Administrative Offices

Main Office of School Affairs
Jeonggakwon Organizing Religious Events
Religion and Education Consult
Office of Business Management Management & Checks for Academic Business
Strategy establishment of Customer Service
Business Management of President
Office of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Academic Supporting Affairs
Faculty Affairs
Office of Student Service Student Welfare & Supporting Affairs
Scholarship & Student ID
Issue of Certificates
Center for Teaching & Learning Supporting Teaching & Learning
Mentoring Program
Learning Clinics
Main Office of Management Support
Office of General Affairs General Affairs
Facility Management
Property Management
Welfare & Lease
Office of Facility & Maintenance Facility Works
Cleaning & Management
Property Works
Office of Financial Affairs Statistic Affairs
Tax Affairs
Receiving Tuition Fees
Office of Admission
Office of Admission Admission Plan & Operation
Admission Plan of Graduate School
Admission Plan for International Students
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